Areas of application & industrial sector

Offshore injection pumps

Typical fluids

Methanol, LDHI, Glycol, Asphalten Inhibitor, Paraffin Inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor

Water injection pumps

Typical fluids

Seawater, produced water

Chemiecal industry pumps

Typical fluids

Fatty alcohol process, LDPE, Wet oxidation,
CO2 extraction, Boiler feed pumps

Pumps for mill scale removal

Hammelmann supply pumps to pressurise water in mill scale removal systems in steel rolling mills.

Pumps for non woven fabrics

Hammelmann have many years experience in the manufacture of pumps for hydro entanglement (Spunlace) in the production of non woven fabrics.

More applications

Hammelmann offer a wide range of high pressure pumps for just about all branches of industry Let one of our specialists advise you and provide you with a customized quotation to match your particular application.